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but without being racked off into clean casks until the end of the winter succeeding. Will be two years old in March 1851.

No6 A quarter cask from the same vineyard, made in the same manner as the last, from the sort called La Folle, mixed with the "Muscat noir de Frontigron" in the proportion of four to one will be six years old in 1851.

No 7. A quarter cask of red wine made from a variety called the Seyras which is cultivated at the Hill of the Hermitage, Tain; This wine was fermented in vats open at the top, but covered with a canvas cloth during fermentation, and with the [hulls?], deprived of their stalks, confined in the centre of the fermenting [mass?] by means of a false head fitted to the inside of the vat; this latter [process?] being adopted to secure sufficient depth of color to the wine. Treated afterwards as the preceding sorts but without having been fined, will be two years only in March 1851.


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