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Soldiers Diaries
No 1

The Battles of The Nations
Composed by J.H.Stettler
Written by P.G. Stettler Parramatta

Jan 10 1916

We left Australia on 1st/8/16 amid cheers and shouts for we were going to an unknown land to face danger some of us never to return again but we left with smiling faces we had a joyful time on the voyage we finally reached our destinstion after eight weeks we arrived at Plymouth after 12 hours travelling we arrived at our camp were we went through 3 weeks training orders were then received to entrain for France thence to Boulongne thence to Etables were we were given the taste of the actual warfare consisting of bully beaf strong tea and bullet proof biscuits it was very refreshing after travelling but we finally reached our battalion at beaue after a few days rest we were sent with our battalion to the lines

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