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Witnessed on hundereds of Red white and blue and green flares were shooting upwardly each one coloured a signal for their artilly etc but this sight did not continue long these flares were loosing there positions were enormously the great moment had arrived and our gallant boys were over and fighting with great Determination immediately our frontage received similar bombardment and in less than five minutes seen Australian straffing boys in a similar manner what remained among there germans after these few minutes of hell if hell is any worse treated it must be terrible were soon wiped out with Bayonets and bombs while these tussels were going on the first advanced had reached their Destination amidst Rifle and machine gun fire were busily Engaged digging and swinging the pick and shovels with all speed others were arriving and with in a short time we all had cover Despatch carriers were kept continually going to an from our main line which had Previous belong to the germans.

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