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Despatch carriers at times Deserved great Praise the scouts and in the maner Disregarded any danger and the germans received not a appitie Each man had a round of steak and quarter of good tea but after digesting a tin of bully beaf for a come bullet proof biscuits and some water we left like new men. No 8 and after a little sleep now and then we were Progressing Fabourally on about the 25th the Enemy sent a continuous stream of high Explosives and Schrapnell which Never ceased down till next morning the majority landing on Vacant soil but here and there some would land in a good Position doing some damage to our trenches and putting a fair number out of action at times could see the Enemy advancing with bombs a counter attack but the glittering steal was Ever ready at any importance occured throughout the day at night we were kept very bursily renewing the Parket swept away leaving a very serious job an some times the Evening of the 24th had set in word came along that the Enemy was advancing in small Parties away in the Distance some were noticed to be carring the white flag others with a red cross with laden stretches these germans had all means to put them in touch with us these Plans would not work as we were all ready and prepared

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