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We were allways more or less under bombardments and being in a good position and well dug in we suffered very slight casualities losing a few killed and wounded on Saturday 22nd on being informed a that at a certian time we were to advance and take new lodgings fronting the ruined town of Pozierriers we were patiently awaiting to be let loose and be for hostilities began looked defeat impossibility three parties each having a special opportunity for duty to perform were told off and there were told off to advance and told the positions the remainder of the 54th Btn to imeadiately is follow on in support as the track to be taken was almost on leaving rough and broken country there being little protection from bombardments while the first parties advanced to take the position hundreds of our pioneers were working generusingly in communication trench being all the time exposed to heavy stiff fire being one of the first party good luck favoured us and we reached our destination in the best possible way the 2nd and 3rd sorties were also well favoured by this time the larger party were advancing the enemy must have grown suspicious an sent forth a deluge of shrapnel an gas shells and many of our brave officers and men met their doom before the main events began.

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