11-16 November 14 Monday 11th March 1859 1859 11th Month 179 Thursday C321-344 November 17-30
Went to Kirkhorn for breakfast and then [there?] to measure land.
E went with [?] at 2 O'Clock to the [?] Ellerslie - see plans [?] went with 
Windsor at Work - Saddle boards
Went with [?] to purchase things for Lunches at the [?] went to Redfern and then on to Rev. M .Nixons, who was very ill. Called also on Mrs. [Major?] :Lowe and Dined at Clarke at [?] large party and very [?] and [?] Rev Stephen promised to get Mr. Gordon to come up and that he would come himself. Slept at the Kemps. 
15 Tuesday
Mme C W Windsor came on Saturday and looked up. I took it was to begin [?] Monday morning. I went out at 6 o'clock. and not seeing him [?] tell him ahead to do rest at at 2 o'clock. I set him to work this morning he began work at 1/2 past 7 o'clock. I spoke to him at 10 o'clock about some work [?] he asked what I was to pay. I replied 2 pounds per week, He said
16 Wednesday 
that is right. I wish to be paid [?] I am and I do anything because [?] 
18th Friday Finishing Business in Sydney - Came by 2 pm Train - brought G Phillips
Tea's at Kirkham - little child's party -
Anne's Birthday
16 Wednesday
That is right I look to be paid as Sally [?] I am and I do anything as Sally [?] because [?] that would not do for him. The [?] ought go to [Laidlaw ?] 
{?] Letterhead - G Ambergris Family 
Tea at Mrs. Lowe's. I read the General [?] ] Rev Wood [?]
15th Wednesday
Left by Train for Parramatta then on by water to Sydney. Slept at the Metropolitan Inn. Tea at Reverend Moretons.
19 Saturday 323-342
Mr J at home
Afternoon took W. H. S. Camden call'd on Rev. M Fidgcomb - not at home
Dot Blecker [dec?]
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