7 to 9 November 7 Monday [311-354] 11th Month 1859 1859 11th Month 10 THURSDAY [314-51] November [10 to 13]
Mary Went to the Church to open the Glass for the Eastern Window Rec'd 
- all days - 

Mr. Perry to see Macbeth at putting it in - 
Went to call on Jane Simpson after tea
[indecipherable] for the Home --

{Indecipherable?]  Narellan School House [?] gave a defective Lecture on the 
rise of Australasia 

Mary at the Church fixing the Window
Mrs. S Bates left [indecipherable] back cash

[indecipherable] at Oran Park [indecipherable] very small
Merchant clears Blacksmith shop 

8 TUESDAY [312-53]
Nita Bates of [indecipherable] came up -
The Bishops and Mrs. Barker dined here on their way to Liverpool. [Eveg?] gave a lecture.  on the [blessings] of the Reformation Tharber, 
Smaller T Oblock

11 FRIDAY [315-350] St. Martin, Half Quarter Day 

Taplin [?] to work

Mr. V. W. Cowper and two Daughters came to tea --

[?] set to work 

9 Wednesday [313-53] Lord Mayor's Day,. Pr. Wales born 1841. Holiday at Excise, Stamp and Tax Offices.

[Mary?] Church Macbeth putting on the [?] Glap - and Glayser Sermon at [?]
- Appt Reminder
Mr Ian Gowe and Mrs Lous to tea 

12 SATURDAY [316-49] Cambridge Term divides at Midnight 

[indecipherable] the Corporate[indecipherable]  Warrior came went on the [?] with him. At [indecipherable indecipherable]  came  West to 
the Church 
Mr S S cooper brought [?] home.  

[A. Pauls?] day from 
13 Sunday 21 aft Trin [317 - 48] at Narellan

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