[24 to 26] January ~~~ 24 MONDAY [24-341] ~~~ 1st Month 1859
Morning at home Afternoon Maryland
Rev Mr King came up
Went to Cobbedee School - on to Mains?
told him I would deduct £2.10 for Rent
~~~ 25 TUESDAY [25-340]~~~ Conversion of St Paul
Mary Walker with Rev R L King to the Whse?
top of Pavy Claslls Hills (or Evingen) & home to ?  Called on Sulman - etc
Aft Drove Mr A & Mrs King to Camden to see the Church  etc & home
Mr Burton came up -
~~~ 26 WEDNESDAY [26-339] ~~~
Morning Rev Mr King & family left
Busy with Mr Burton about Will etc
Geg went for Horses for ground Paid 12/-
Evening went to Kirkham for Parcels & ?
Called at Winvenhoe - Mr C came back
1859 1st Month ~~~ 27 THURSDAY [27-338} ~~~ January [27 to 30]
Morning at home Writing letters etc
Aft went to Kirkham - Nar School
Saw Mr Thmas Perry  - still worse ?
Met at school ab Church extention
I agreed to accept a tender from Basdow for £87 - home later
~~~ 28 FRIDAY [28-337]
Morning at home  Folding & directing Visitation Sermons etc
Mr Mansel left after dinner
Went to the Cobe School heard the Children  read the Psalms & catechized them - Saw Mrs Swalzel who was ill etc
~~~ 29 SATURDAY [29-336]
Morning at home  Rev Mr Smith & Wood came & dined.  After dinner I took Mr Wood to K? to see Mrs K
Mr MacLevy Mr Onslow at ? Lunch
Called - Mr Agnew came to see the horses - to send them down next week
30 Sunday - 4 aft Epiph [30-335] King Charles Martyr
St Pauls
After heavy rain
Mr Dennison?


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