[pencil note at top of page in one hand] Probably Kamilaroi, or Wailwun or the Narran R Angledool
[pencil note at top of page in another hand] C. J McMaster
Blacks names for Tools ec-
A Spear is called Belahar. That
is one with single barbs
A spear barbed on both sides is Belahar - Mellaipah
A Boomerang - Beerua
A shield            Breene
A nulla nulla     Moorrello
The Boomerang-shaped tool of which 
     [?an?] have several  Waggerrah
A stone tomahawk Quandoo
The larger stone of the two I took 
to [Callerinderi?] is called
Tay-gool & the smaller or hand stone Mah .
The [Barnon?] Blacks would give
both stones a slightly different 
sounding name.
Angledool Stn

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