Tribe of [Wany-i-pony?]

Aboriginal words with their English


Bapirra - Turrie - Yall - Yunkee            Big Drought

Yunkee                      Comet (which causes a drought

                                        bringing a [t..l?] of fire which

                                       dries up the rain)

Gung-ung                                      Big Flood

Bunthra - Bourn                            Thunderstorm

Bunthra - Bourn - Ti - loelkna   Thunderstorm coming this way

Thuna                                            Sun

Thuna  - Butra                               Sun rising

Thuna - Ku - oona                         Sun Setting

Kee - Wah - Butra                        Moon Rising                                      

Kee - loah - Ka - oona or Kupeter  Moon Setting

Milpa                                 Morning Star

Werrinka -Werrinka           Evening Star

Murra - Wurgraa               Seven Sisters

Kuna - pa - pa                   Milky way

Marriage and the laws of marriage in the tribe of Wang-i-pong

divided into four families for marriage purposes.

No 1 Family     Kap-pee}

No 2 Family    Kam-poo}  

No 3 Family    Marie}

No 4 Family    Epie }   

all families take their name from the male thus Kap-put. Tar & Kap-pee

are the male and female of the Kap-pee family & so on.

The female of the Kap-pee family can marry the male of the Kam-poo family.


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