The female of Marie family can marry the male of

Epie Family

No male & female of the group of families can marry

Ma - Ma                           Wife

Gurraya                        [Hueband] Husband

Kap - put - Tar & Kap -pee  Brother & Sister

Marie Ma-Tar                Brother & Sister

Kam-poo Beethar         Brother & Sister     

Epie & Epitha                Brother & Sister

Kee - imbil                     Spring of Water

[Mootera?]     Water from roots of trees

Mullermun     Sweet manna on leaves of gum trees [cullul?] [.arrie?]

Tupra   a small creeper with a bulb root ^ from which water is secured for drinking & the roots [rutin? return]

Yarnena - Warrin  Roots of Kurrajong from which water is secured & roots [rutin? return]

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