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If you do for godsake do not trust the Surveyor of Timber & Bolts with the Secret, the [sublimity?] of his art has not only prevented us from being thinking about Beer, but has also made a [indecipherable]. Whilst I am on this Subject I see by the papers of October last That hopes [hops] are so plentiful in this Colony that one of the Clergyman has great plantations of them, & that the finest Porter is made here, now this among many other falsehoods should get into the papers is to me astonishing unles some persons in the Colony gave themselves the trouble of procuring the inserting these glaring untruths for sinister ends. The truth is that nothing like the English Hops exist in this Colony. Nor have we an Elegant stone Church built at Sydney, which the same paper  speaks of - one of Brick & Stone will be finished in the course of the year at Parramatta and the foundation of one at Sydney is just began.

I send you by the Albion [?] the articles as Per list inclosed and if they are not worth your notice I beg you to remember that I am not a Botanist or Naturalist but a humble collector. I should hope that circumstances will enable you to see my dispatches to which I beg to refer you & have honour to be with great respect
Sir your
Ever obliged humble servant
Philip Gidley King

Sydney Aug.t 21st 1801

The Right Honourable Sir Joseph Banks K.B.
&c  &c  &c


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