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if you do for godsake do not trust the Surveyor of Timber & Bolts with the Secret, the [sublimity?] of his art has not only prevented us from being thinking about Beer, but has also made a poor very poor man. Whilst I am on this [] I see by the papers of October last [I bet?] hopes are so plentiful in this Colony that one of the Clergyman has great plantations of them, & that the priest Porter is made here, now this among many other falsehoods should get into the papers is to me astonishing [unles?] some persons in the Colony gave themselves the trouble of producing the [insiting?] these glaring untruths for sinister ends. The truth is that nothing like the English [..eps?] exist in this Colony. Nor have we an Elegant stone Church built at Sydney, which [the?] same paper  speaks of - one of Brick & Stone will be finished in the course of the year at [Parramatta?] and the foundation of one at Sydney is just began.

I send you by the [..lbier?] the articles as [I?] list [enclosed?] and if [these?] are not worth your notice I beg you to remember that I am not a Botanist or [] but a humble collector. I should hope that circumstances will enable you to see my dispatches to which I beg to refer you & have honour to be with great respect Sir your 

Ever obliged humble servant

Philip Gidley King

Sydney Aug.t 21st 1801

The Right Honourable Sir Joseph Banks K.B. [Soho S?]


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