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He expected us the previous day & had his seaplane up 3 times the last time at 6 p.m. she sighted us & saw how we were steering, They expected to be alongside us at daylight, but as I had altered my course more to allow for set, during the night she found us away to Eastward of her in the morning.
Myself & officers were immediately ordered to proceeded onboard the S.M.S. "Wolf", cruiser & mine layer
Seven 6in guns
Four Torpedo-tubes
Two 3 pounders
Machine guns & rifles ad lib
Also her main stay, the seaplane
On boarding the "Wolf" we were all questioned by various officers but thery got no information that would do them any good.
One of the officers had been on the German survey-ship "Cormorun" & knew the New Guinea waters well.They went carefully through all our gear, took all our navigating instruments & books away, also binoculars & cameras, electric torches etc.

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