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10th Sept
After clearing the Atlas Straits steered due South until 9 A.M. this morning, (100') & then hauled westward across the Indian Ocean.
26th Sept.
Dodging to Westward of Equatorial Channel, sighted smoke to Eastrd & sent Seaplane away. 1.30 pm turned to East & steamed towards other steamer, which proved to the "Hitatchi Maru" from Colombo to Liverpool;. Ordered her to stop & not use wireless, she complied & put her passengers in boats & then went ahead again & started clearing away her 4".7in gun, also used wireless. "Wolfs" next shot went right through her wireless room & numerous shots were fired at her aft to keep the gun's crew away from the gun, 3.30pm she was captured, having numerous holes in her above water & altogether 13 of her crew killed by gunfire. She never got a single shot fired.

Current Status: