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a 60 fennig cigar, then back to the carriage & got attached to a passenger train, they knew at least where Fuchsberg is & we have to go a long back over the ground already covered. 22nd 7am. Arrived at Minden, got out & marched up a street & got into a sort of steam tramline railway & buzzed away for civilisation. 830 arrived at Uether[?] & got out. After agreeing to pay 3 marks a head for our hand bags to be taken to camp in a cart, we set out for our 5 mile tramp to the camp. Ye gods the camp, it is in the most dreary desolate part of country I have seen, right in the heart of a peat moor. It has been used as a camp for badly behaved Tommies & is not an officer's camp. Only a Non Com. in charge. We are housed all in the one hut 41 of us & the hut will hold 250 easily. Other camps 8 was most in any room & at Heidelberg there were only 2 of us. No beds, all bunks all built together must crawl in from the head or the foot between two others. Beds stuffed with heather. No bathrooms or cooking accommodation & latrines

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