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here fairly easy. Roll call at 10.30 AM. & again at 4.30pm. Everyone must be in their own rooms by 9.30pm when guard come round & see that everyone is there, then lights out.
At 5A.M. guards again come round to see no one has escaped during the night. Rise at any time you please after the guard round.
Daily routine –: Rise 7.30 AM. Have shower, shave, dress & then go over to cook house & make breakfast, all that is supplied by Germans is a substitute for coffee. Then have a walk or game of tennis.
12 noon Dinner which consists of a plate of soup, god knows what it is composed of, & vegetables.
230 Make afternoon tea, then go & look at war news & walk round till 6pm when we have dinner. Made by ourselves, that being supplied being merely a plate of soup. Then another stroll till dark & then bridge & bed. Twice a week we are allowed out for a walk on parole about 40 at a time.

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