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for the grey flannel pants which I had been wearing for just over two months. They took them away.
21st Aug
was given 3 days cells for having 2 pairs of pants.

11th Dec Left Camp for Warnemunde.
12th 3pm Warnemunde embarked on S.S. Cumbria
13th Arrived Copenhagen, 3 pm put up at Skodsburg Hotel
16th sailed for Leith 5.30pm on H.M.T "Plassey' convoyed by H.M.S. "Centaur"
17th Passed 7 floating mines Centaur exploded 3.
18th 10pm anchored[Symbol] Leith Roads
19th Disembarked at Leith 5.30pm. Left for London at 9.30pm
20th Arrived Kings Cross 8AM.

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