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27th Sept.
1030 Both ships anchored, somewhere around the Southern Maldive Islands, ships alongside each other. Took in about 200 tons coal from "Hitatchi" & filled up all available space with her cargo, such as rubber, linseed, hides etc.
30th Sept.
Germans repaired all shell holes in "Hitatchi's" hull & funnel, & put all passengers & men over 60 years of age onboard, also boys under 16 years of age.
3rd Oct.
530 AM. "Wolf" steamed away, leaving "Hitatchi" at anchor, with German armed guard on board of 15 men & neutrals for crew.
5th Oct.
Cruising east & west, somewhere to eastward of Equatorial Channel.
6th Oct.
Early this morning chased steamer bound east, but failed to get near her, as soon as she was out of sight the "Wolf" turned full speed to westward & at 4 pm stopped off

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