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Weapons and Domestic Articles

Spear (of hardwood, not barbed) Be-lar-rah
Boomerang (right hand) Young-narl-girree
Boomerang (left Hand) Wah-rah-guee
Boomerang (for war, heavy) Uloo-gun-gah
Battle axe of flat hardwood curved at one end and pointed Warrun-Warrun                            
Battle axe of round wood curved at one end pointed and used like a pick Eye-yar-rin
Club of Hardwood Gunn-lin
Paddymelon stick about a foot long, used for throwing at small game Yah-burrah
Shield (of light wood) Yah-rah-gul
Gunyah, or shelter of tea tree bark Mun-duroo
Gunyah, or shelter of Stingybark Yac-coo
Gunyah, or shelter of leaves and bushes Woos-ray, or Yah-goo-rah
A camp with a number of shelters Wass-rah
Rug of opossum skins Moor-no-girree
Opossum wool, or fur  Wor-rah-kee
Spindle of green twigs to spin possom fur But-tu-in
Opossum fur spun into yarn or rope and used for belts and aprons etc Boo-eye-yum
Dilly bag, close woven of grass Mogul-mogul
Net Bag, open mesh of string made form bark My-ar-lee
Vessel, to carry water, made from the bangalow palm Wiss-kee.


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