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"Cool-que-rin", a large tributary flowing from the south into the

lower Clarence an known as the "Coldstream." No meaning given. 

Yul-gil-bar. The moorish castle on the Upper Clarence built by Mr

E.D.S Ogilvie in the early sixties and named by him. His

eldest daughter gives the meaning as "place of little fish" though 

her cousin, C.W.Bundock, gives it as "the place of platypi" after

"Yulgil" a platypus and "bar" a place (see S.M.Herald January 1st 1923).

The Upper Clarence blacks stressed the first syllable as "Yool."


I repeated to Freeburn part of a song which I heard sung by

Casino-Lismore blacks many years ago. He knows that dialect

so I thought he might be able to explain the meaning of the song which runs thus-


Goolong andoo norrey lay-hay

Goolong andoo norrey lynn

Nah, been, byne ah mah-jay

Koomurrah mah-jay, wool-lay!


Freeburn said the verse refers to fighting, with blood

flowing freely, at some distant period of time,

"Koo-mur-rah" meaning blood in Casino-Lismore dialect. 

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