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both the 1922 and 1935 lists are printed in booklet
form and to [W?] Dixson there express my thanks and
gratitude. The Lower Clarence dialect is entirely
different to that spoken by the natives of Lismore and the
Upper Richmond though the localities are only about
seventy miles apart. [In?] that of the Clarence, on the 
average, the words appear to contain more syllables and
are more difficult to spell and pronounce than those 
of the Richmond. Phonetic spelling has been adopted
and most of the words have been divided into syllables
so that the correct pronunciation may be more
easily acquired.

In all cases where the letter "G", or "g", has been 
used it should be sounded hard as in "gun" or "begin". 

For the softer sound "J" (j) is used.

On reading over the following lists the scarcity of one
syllable aboriginal words will be found remarkable.
There are only three [viz?] – "Nee" – "yes", "wahn" – "forehead", 
and "yall" the reptile known colloquially as "goanna".

Robert. L. Dawson
Roseville, Sept 1935

Current Status: 
Ready for review