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Aboriginal Words and Names

- Lower Clarence River Dialect -

With some recollections and records of the Clarence and 

Richmond River Aboriginees. -

Compiled by Robert Leycester Dawson 


- Introduction -

In September 1922, a vocabulary of "Australian Aboriginal

Words and Names", collected by myself, was provided.

  Copies of the booklet have been given to the principal

Sydney libraries and many other copies have been distributed 

to interested people and to public bodies. 

  Most of these words were from the dialect of the [Casino?] -

Lismore blacks though a few were added from the Port

Stephens district and from Tilba Tilba on the far South Coast.

  In 1928, from an intelligent half-caste native of the

Yumbah tribe named Freeburn, I was able to collect a

number of words of the Lower Clarence river dialect and, 

in August 1935 at Casino, I again met Freeburn and 

added to this collection thus acquiring over 320 words 

with their meanings.

   Through the interest and kindness of Mr William Dixson


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