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At 3 o'clock the fatigue ten of us went in charge of an N.C.O. through trenches to God knows where & get to our allotted spot. A little later the fun began, shells bursting everywhere, bits of shrapnel dropping in a most friendly fashion right alongside you, rifle bullets bumping up against protecting sandbags & then orders came for our for our party to bring up ammunition & bombs – anyway we all went, bullets falling about us, shells bursting, wounded men being carried to the field dressers, dead men laid on one side, smoke dust & earth thrown up every whery where & the noise deafening deafening. Some of us took cases of bullets, others bags of bombs. My 2nd trip was with a bag of bombs which had to be carted thro' a pitch dark tunnel to the firing line, crowds of men going into action, many being carried out wounded. I made several trips like that between 6 in the evening & 4 the following morning. Once or twice it took over an hour to do 30 yds of tunnel. It seemed ages -

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