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happen to know the interpreter. The Arab seldom gets more than 1/6th of his claim but he goes away quite satisfied and comes to me full of thanks and for him, money. So I don't do badly sometimes. There is really nothing to write about. I don't know what that juggins could have been thinking of when he talked about the flesh pots of Egypt. There are plenty of pots but mightily little flesh. Most of the natives have only one eye; those that have two get them crossed to make up for their loss. If the women whose faces are covered are anything like those whose faces are uncovered they really might save themselves the trouble; but perhaps they are ashamed of themselves. Taking them all in all they are an ugly unattractive lot, tho' the very young boys are amusing – very quick at picking up any slang or swearing and can imitate an inflection of voice splendidly. Will you remember me to Mrs Minnett and the Honorable Mr James. I hope Jimmy is being persuaded to come out of his lair occasionally and that

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