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now not withstanding the giddy whirl of London but we are not allowed to collect more than £ 1 a fortnight in Egypt. and One simply can't look at Cairo under 30/- even for a day. I ambled up to the weird city but was not particularly sorry to come back – everything very hot and very dull and expensive – quite different to what it was this time last year. I saw very few whom I knew – those whom I did see I didn't want to know. Leaving here at 7 in the morning we get to Cairo at ten having witnessed a most extraordinary sight. 3 Arabs, a man and his woman was were on the train who and had evidently incurred the wrath of the Egyptian police. We were just moving out of Benha station when suddenly the police got hold of these 3 poor devils and gaily threw them and their bundles on to the platform. The last I saw of them was 3 figures lying prone on the ground mixed up with blankets, tins, bits of bread, bottles of stuff, old apricots, all bursting out of their bundles. I shall be very much

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