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surprised if none of them had any bones broken I intended going to the Museum but it was too hot so regaled myself with a hot bath and decent meal and some passable liquor at the St James'. not bad but they can't grill a steak in Cairo – will over do it!! By finally explaining in my best French that I required a blood red steak I managed to get something akin to what I have been accustomed; though the chef rather took me at my word about the steak. There were a lot of men whom I knew at this camp but they are nearly all moved off now. Likewise all the canteens are gone, nothing but a few Arab kids running about offering to clean your boots. We shall all be glad to get away. Mary Reid is at the no 3 Australian Hospital at Abassia – a little way out of Cairo. I spoke to her on the phone but as she was on duty she was unable to come into town. She told me she had both peter Bright and Neil Campbell in her ward. The war has dealt very harshly with

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