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Headquarters, In the beastly desert, 7th June 1916
My dear Onion, Still in this wretched hole but we hope to be away soon – to probably some much cooler climate where the language will not apparently consist of yash nash ah wah ah wah wah and where the people do not all talk at once. This is really a most amazing place but I am getting very fed up with it we indulged in a real dust storm last Sunday. – You simply couldn't see anything ten yards away from you and our clothes were the colour of red brick in no time. After yesterday all leave was stopped as we expect to be moved off at any moment. However I managed to get a pass for Cairo yesterday from 7 in the morning until ten in the evening and managing also to get the right side of the Field Cashier I got an advance of £ 2 on my pay. – I am several pounds in credit

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