but I believe he had a part of the Brush Tackle - I have not seen the part of the plough they speak of  - I saw a broken Plough at their place but I thought they sent it to be repaired  -  The Trace[?] horses they had when they sent a Team of horses to Sydney - Fred has just started for Parra. [Parramatta]

Horses brought down

Mr H 1 brown mare
[?]  H 3 Mares and 2 Foals
Mary Ann 1  do.  - 1 Foal
Geo. 2  do. - 1
Harriet 2 do. 2 do. 7 1 2yr old Filly
Charles 1 do.            1 do Colt
Eliza 1 do - 1do. 1 yearling
Total 11 -     7 -  3 total  21  Head -
I see that he took up 50 of our horses  -  We have heard
nothing of the Dray  I think you said it was to leave last
Thursday  Probably they have lost their Bullocks or got bogged  -  We have just heard that they have rolled James Tiele [?] - of Money [?] Tools John Desk d.  love to all,
Ever yours [?] Tho. Hassall

Current Status: 
Ready for review