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699                         137 Fenchurch Street
                                       Aug 29..1855.

My dear Sir

I fear that 'ere this you have accused
me of delaying my answer to your letter a long time,
but in truth I felt that I could not best reply to it 'till I heard something more definite relating to [...]. I now find that the whole of that affair will be settled between Mr Holdess (sp?) and Messrs Barton (sp?)  and Pownell and I am therefore at liberty to reply distinctly to your statement as to the balance of account between us. Of course the item of £6..5..0 which you give as Barton and Pownells bill must be referred to the other account.  Also there was due at the time of sale Aug. 1854 half a year rent from the tenant  I may also observe that the bill of 

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