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But if not, the Officer commanding the Expedition is to be particularly directed in the execution of this and of every other part of the Service with which he is entrusted, to avoid, with the utmost Caution, the giving any ground of Jealousy, or Complaint to the Subjects or Officers of His Catholic Majesty :  and if he should fall in with any Spanish Ships employed on any Service similar to that committed to him, he is to afford to the Officer commanding such Ships, every possible degree of Assistance and Information, and he is to offer to him that they should make to each other reciprocally a free and unreserved communication of all Plans and Charts of Discoveries made by them in their respective Voyages.

     If in the course of any part of this Service His Majesty's Ships or Officers should meet with the Subjects or Vessels of any other Power or State, they are to treat them in the most friendly manner, and to be careful not to do any thing which may give occasion to any interruption of that Peace


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