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of Nootka.  The discovery of a near communication between any such Sea or Strait, and any River running into or from the Lake of the Woods, which is commonly laid down nearly in the same Latitude would be particularly useful.  If the Vessels employed on this Service should fail in discovering any such inlet as I have spoken of to the Southward of Cooks' River, there appears the greatest probability that it will be found that this River rises in some of the Lakes already known to our Canadian Traders, and to the Servants of the Hudsons Bay Company. This point it would in that case be material to ascertain with as much precision as the then existing Circumstances of the Expedition may allow.  But the discovery of any similar communication more to the Southward, should any such exist, would be much more advantageous for the purposes of Commerce, and should therefore be preferably attended to.

With respect to the second of the points abovementioned, it is probable that more particular Instructions will be given by the Vessel to be sent to the Sandwich Islands after the Discovery.  


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