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to receive from the Spanish Officers such Lands or Buildings as are to be restored to His Majesty's Subjects, Orders to that effect will be sent out by the Vessel abovementioned.  But if no such Orders should be received by the commanding Officer of the Discovery, previous to the end of January 1792, he should be directed not to wait for them at the Sandwich Islands, but to proceed in such course as he may judge most expedient for the examination of the Coast of North West America, comprized between Lat: 60 North and Lat: 30 North.

     In the examination of this Coast the principal Objects which he is to keep in view are, 

     First, the acquiring accurate information with respect to the nature and extent of any Water communication, which may tend in any considerable degree to facilitate an intercourse for the purposes of Commerce between the North West Coast and the Countries upon the opposite side of the Continent, which are inhabited or occupied by His Majesty's Subjects.

     Secondly, the ascertaining with as much

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