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even to the extent here stated may possibly require that the Officer commanding the Expedition should proceed up them further than it might be safe for the Discovery to go, it seems necessary that such Officer should be authorized by Your Lordships to take the Command in person of the Chatham Brig, at all such times and in such Situations as he shall judge it necessary or expedient: and that corresponding Orders should be given to the Officer commanding the latter Vessel.

     The particular course of the Survey must of course depend on the different Circumstances which may arise in the execution of a Service of this nature. It will however be proper that the Officer commanding on this Expedition should be directed to pay a particular attention to the examination of the supposed Straits of Juan de Fuca, said to lay between 48 and 49 North Lat: and to lead to an opening through which the Sloop Washington is reported to have passed in 1789, and to have come out again to the Northward


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