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Work in earnest now. We bring up the stuff by day, & then take it up to the job at night. Spend the mornings resting & cleaning up. The boys are splendid.
The Battalion are in now in front of us, but they go out again tomorrow for 8 days. I wish we did too. Heavy shelling Last night again. All round us. The railway, the road, the guns; After the guns of course. Its wonderful how he just mises them. I'm pally with the Sagt. of the forward guns of the Battery we work for. Decent Little Chap – Stephens - & I go over & throw a few at the Hun sometimes. Oh well – Bed for mine – Good night.

25.11.19 [17]
Still hard at work. Lots of shelling at nights – I must tell you of my home in which I write these notes. I think its an old support post; an irregular but fairly good old trench running right along the crest of the ridge. Standing on the top (which is forbidden) you can see the white puffs of our stuff bursting on the Hun lines 1000 yards away, and on a clear day, Comines, with its factories and Churches, shows up half Left from here. Fritz holds it, of course.
At the extreme right of our post is a Fritz

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