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Sat. 8.12.17
Had Long yarn to some of the boys of the Bat. this morning. The crowd got on O.K. They (C Coy) were in Reserve Trenches.
Saw, and spoke to, Birdwood, in the sap. What does it mean? "Birdie" here, and all those guns coming in! It may mean a stunt; but hardly I think. The river Lys would seem to make that impossible.
Had a close call Last night up on the job. Put the wind up me well & truly.
A fool Engineer Officer flashing his torch about was to blame. The Hun put down a Lovely sample of Little barrage. All 5.9's. One blew me off my feet & gave me a mouth full of fumes. We Lay doggo for 20 minutes or so & then bolted home. The Officer in question fell in a new shell hole full of icy cold water; which rather pleased the rest of us.
Our job is nearly done & Looks A1. Then we'll go & join up the Company I suppose.
I'm not in the pink tonight. A bit nervous and hate admitting it. Last night's act unnerved me just a bit I think. I can still taste that phosphorus. However ---

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