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Wed. 12.12.17
Gee. The worst night so far Last night! And more of it today. He generally goes quiet in the day, but our people must be annoying him. Our fire is almost continuous.
A Coy had 2 killed & 6 wounded in their trench just ahead of us. Rotten Luck. I only hope our Luck sticks to us for a few more days. We have been marvellously Lucky.

The Hun came over today. Eight big Gothas! They looked magnificent, though they were fairly high. Rumour tonight says he got a lot of chaps at the Baths in Neuve Eglise: but our people got 3 of his planes down, so it didn't pay him.
I'm getting anxious about our crowd. I'll be very glad to get them out safely again.

Had some more beer last night: a very nice Little party!
We are to join the Company tomorrow at 10.30 in supports. It sounds madness to do so in daylight, but Brigade sent the order. I'm going to see the second in Command. I'm sure he won't have it. Fairly heavy shelling all day.

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