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And still no sign. We started bringing up concrete to the crest of the ridge by day on the light railway. Fritz shells this Line at night; & goes close to our home at Times.

22.11.7 [17]
Four chaps went west today. Got a 5.9 in their big dug out – 100 yards from here – Strangely enough, I wanted to put my party in their when we came up, but the occupants couldn't move; so their wasn't room.

At Last I have word of my boss & have been up to the Lines to see him. Seems rather a silly ass, but the job isn't a bad prospect, if Fritz would Leave our home alone a bit more.
Saw the first dead Aussie about ten tonight. Poor chap. I thought if his people only saw him; tossed on one side of the sap. Must have been killed the night the Brigade went in. There are plenty of dead Huns about the ridge: but somehow our Boys are different.

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