William Keith Gillies diary, 22 March 1916-30 September 1917 - Page 11

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May 1916
1st Suez was sighted about 7.45 PM & we arrived in Port Ismail (adjoining Pt. Suez) at 8.15 PM & anchored in the bay.
2nd We expected to go ashore today but received orders during the day that we are to dissembark to-morrow & dry rations have been issued.
3rd The ship drew alongside at 7.30 A.M. and the first train load (of troops) left the ship at about 9 A.M. & entrained, but the train did not move off until 11 AM., with the 1st 3rd & Sigs. of the Engrs. in charge of Lt. Nangle. I entrained with my reinforcement at 11.30 A.M. & moved off at 12.30 PM en route for Tel-el-Kibir, where we arrived

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