William Keith Gillies diary, 22 March 1916-30 September 1917 - Page 49

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October 1916
a German bayonet which I intend making into a daggar, as being too big to carry around as it is. Three "tanks" are lying in the Wood, unfit for further service, two of them being destroyed by fire. There were two "females & one male," the difference being that the "male" has two six pounder guns as well as machine guns. We had a hail storm early this afternoon & the wind has dropped considerably. 31 observation baloons were up during the afternoon & at one time I counted 82 aeroplanes.
Our artillery has been giving Fritz a very hot time of it to-night, & the 6" gun near us has been "barking" unceasingly. Fritz has sent over very few shells to-night which is rather unusual.

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