Balme letter and diary, 29 April 1918 / Gerald Archibald Balme - Page 8

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Hard frost the Last 2 days, and very cold. We are fairly warm. I have 2 blankets and a coat; also many new sand bags. Not too bad at all.
The greatest evils are the dirt; and the quite unmentionable "chats" [vermin]. These last are the limit – you can do nothing to prevent or destroy them.

A cold day, and a very chilly night. All shell holes have 4 to 6 inches of ice on them. Routine as usual. Would love a bath more than anything. Bon soir Cheris.

Snow this morning. The big ridge, and Wyschaete Ridge look so pretty all snowed over. Our home here was the object of some solid shelling while we were out last night. I didn't want to come home.

A gorgeous day, following a heavy frost Last night. Everyone is out sunning now. Work goes on: and our O.P. is growing. Fritz must see it in spite of the camouflage. But he won't strafe it till its finished and occupied. He's a cunning bird.

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