Stettler 'The Battles of the Nations': being an account of war service in France, 1916 / composed by J.H. Stettler and written by private P.J. Stettler - Page 8

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whil the 2nd brigade advanced 200 yds in our front an dug in our colnel and officers could be Distinguished well on our left front deligented studying the Enemys movements orders came to Every man in our trench for Everyman to stand with fixed Bayonets and Two bombs were issued to Every man silentilly awaiting again for the next order bu the Enemy did not advance as there was another call our battalion the 54th having arrived held this Portaned position since the Actural Charge of midnight of Saturday 22nd we were about to be relieved of a Position since the 2nd brigade and retire to the second line and later on to support this would mean a much needed Rest having performed the greatest of hardships Imagineable one continous stream in single till pushed on it to the Support trench.

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