Item 02: Alec Donaldson diary, 6 August 1917-24 December 1918 - Page 18

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30 miles N.W. of Gurgados, the "Hitatchi was sunk by bombs. Wolf then steamed to W.S.W.
10th Nov.
6A.M. Captured the Spanish steamer "Igotz – Mendi" with 6,800 tons of coal onboard, from Delgoa Bay to Colombo. No shot was fired. Put prize crew on board & both ships proceeded back towards Cargados Islands
13th Nov.
8A.M. "Igotz – Mendi" anchored under lea of Gurgados & Wolf moved alongside. Commenced taking in coal from Spaniard working night & day.
14th Nov
Seaplane up twice & reported a British & a Jap Cruiser about 40 miles N.W. of us passing to Eastward. All preparations made for casting of in a hurry should they come this way.

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