Copy of a Letter from Lord Grenville to the Lords Commissionersof the Admiralty...', 11 February 1791 (Series 60.01) - No. 0004

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precision as possible, the number, extent and situation of any Settlements which have been made within the limits abovementioned by any European Nation and particularly by Spain, and the time when such Settlement was first made.

     With respect to the first point it would be of great importance, if it should be found that by means of any considerable inlets of Sea, or even of large Rivers communicating with the Lakes in the interior of the Continent, such an intercourse as I have already mentioned could be established.  It will therefore be necessary that for the purpose of ascertaining this point, the Survey should be so conducted as not only to ascertain the general Line of the Sea Coast, but also the direction and extent of all such considerable Inlets, whether made by Arms of the Sea, or by the Mouths of large Rivers, as may be likely to lead to, or facilitate such communication as I have described.

     This being the principal Object of the examination, as far as relates to this part of the Subject, it will probably appear to Your


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