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<p class="page" id="a4810007">[Page 7]</p><p>Aug.6th<br/>2000 wounded from Dardanelles arrive at hospital. No leave yet.</p><p>Aug 7th<br/>Reed helmets today (very necessary).</p><p>Aug 8th<br/>Put in pass for Cairo but declined. Rotten luck. Still patchy letter delivery.</p><p>Aug 9th<br/> The 12 supplied guards for Cairo, hospitals, wireless station and Meadi Prison</p><p>Aug 10<br/>Went down to Meadi prison (Turkish prisoners taken to Dardanelles) Weather very hot. I was put in charge of posting</p><p>Aug 11th<br/>B squad fell in 7.30 AM. For guard</p><p>Aug 12<br/>A report that Acka Baba had fallen to us with 35,000 casualties, went for walk with friend Pauls to native village and was not welcomed. Got reprimanded on return for going, as we were warned that the natives were not friendly.</p><p>Aug 13th<br/>Our guard greatly complimented by imperial officers</p><p>Aug 15th<br/>Mahmud's Xmas day, crowds od natives passing prison on camels, donkeys and carts of all description. Confined to camp owing to natives holiday.</p><p>Aug 16th<br/>Went to Meadi picture show with Pauls (very poor, us too).</p><p>Aug 17th<br/>Went to zoo with friend Seal was too hot to appreciate it. Our mascots were taken there (kangaroo) spent evening listening to excellent band in park in Cairo. Caught 9.30 train to Meadi</p><p>Aug 18th<br/>Reports of Seranic being sunk by Turkish Submarine. Col. Abbott says we are shortly to go to the front. Caught a spy took him to Alexandria.</p><p>Aug 19<br/>Several men down with Nile fever. I am OK at present. All leave stopped owing to our men noisily returning home to prison</p><p>Aug 21<br/>Left Meadi Concentration Camp at 3.30 for Heliopoles. Upon arrival in camp we were warned that we were leaving for the front in two days time 23rd. Went out late to cable the news to Australia, but could not do so.</p><p>Aug 22nd<br/> At 5.30 Am. Started off Seale and I to the Citadel by transport wagon, we were Guarding same. We had to fetch 80,000 rounds ammunition to Helinere station and remain there and guard it. Was relieved at 9.30 PM at night (no food all day). After getting back to Camp we had to pack all our gear for an early start next morning. No time for bed that night.</p><p>Aug 23rd<br/>Was up at 4AM. And after a sad farewell from Major Baker, started for station with a heavy kit. 3 hours train journey brought us to Alexandria where we embarked on ship bound for Lemnos (Dardanelles). There were 2 regiments on board packed terribly, small boat. Most unpleasant trip owing to scarcity of space. The journey occupied 4 days. Anchored off Lemnos \Island, landed into 2 smaller boats</p>

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