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<p class="page" id="a4810005">[Page 5]</p><p>June 21st<br/>Friday sick from vaccination, but not bad.</p><p>June 22<br/>Feeling worse off duty.</p><p>July 5<br/>Crossed the equator 3PM. Father Neptune was on board, I was on guard. One man met with accident (not serious)</p><p>July 6th<br/>One of the crew committed suicide by taking poison.buried at 6 oclock next morn. Was up and at service (buriel)</p><p>July 11th<br/>Engllish destroyer passed after warning us. Fine weather still continues.</p><p>July 12<br/>Nearing Arabian coast, battles. cruisers about. News signalled that we are just intime as the Turks were advancing on Aden.2Pm anchored in Aden harbour.Aden presented a wonderful appearance being in mountains and valleys. News from Colonel that we may be in action in a few hours, preparations made at once. 3 cheers went up at the news.</p><p>July 13th<br/>Several transports in harbour. One battles. Indian troops. 10,000 Turks within 6 miles of Aden Forts. Came through from Suez Canal. Terrific heat here, almost unbearable. Many letters posted to Australia. Still wrapper and [indecipherable] four also to Leila.</p><p>July 15th<br/>Had a route march through Aden out to the forts about 5 miles each way,bad enough for 26, terrible heat. Returned nearly all knocked up. We were fully arrived.</p><p>July 16th<br/>Aden. Very sever short sand storm blotting out everything. Prevented ships getting out of harbour.</p><p>July 18<br/>Left Aden Harbour 8 AM. I was on Sunday morn service at time. Destination still unknown</p><p>July 27<br/>Passed much traffic in Red Sea. One steamer blown on rocks on African Coast. Arrived at Port Suez at 4 PM. cool weather. Remained 2 days here.</p><p>July 24<br/>Steamed into Port Tewfik (Suez) and disembarked. Took train from wharf to Cairo, 61/2 hours in train. Marched to Heliopolis late at night, slept on sand.</p><p>July 26 (Sunday)<br/>Nothing doing, so sneaked out of camp and got into Cairo. Cairo in parts very up to date. Fine City. Got back safely. A mail arrived but none for me.</p><p>July 29th<br/>Went to Heliopolis. Walk around with friend (Seale). Being pay night soldiers became disorderly and set fire to street in Cairo. (Disputable street) [indecipherable] was thrown on fire</p><p>July 30<br/>Heaps of letters and card posted to Australia.</p><p>Aug.1st<br/> All leave stopped owing to behaviour of soldiers. Some of 12th rendered good service at fire. Brave fellows.</p><p>Aug 4th<br/> Anniversary of beginning of war and Pay Day ( Great excitement)</p>

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