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<p class="page" id="a4810025">[Page 25]</p><p>Notes<br/>Arrivals and Departures<br/>Left Holdsworthy June 9th 1915<br/>Embarked on S.S Suevic June 12 1915<br/>Stopped at Adelaide and left horses. Called in at Aden expecting an attack by Arabs and Turks. We left after 7 days<br/>Arrived at Suez(Port Tewfic) July 22 1915<br/>Arrived Heliopolis (Egypt) July 24 1915<br/>Left Heliopolis (Egypt) Aug.25 1915<br/>Arrived Lemnos Aug.28 1915<br/>Arrived. Gallipoli Peninsular Aug. 19 1915<br/>Evacuated Peninsular Dec 18th 1915<br/>Arrived .Lemnos .Dec. 19 1915<br/> Left. Lemnos. Dec. 21 1915<br/>Arrived Alexandria</p>

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