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<p class="page" id="a4810013">[Page 13]</p><p>Continued.. stating that 1700 prisoners had been taken from France and had gained a lot of new country covering a distance of 20 miles. The Col. had the cable read all along the firing line. I have bad cold <strike>am fairly rotten</strike> am feeling rotten</p><p>Sept 27<br/>Still in firing line with bad cold feeling very tired and heavy</p><p>Sept 28<br/>In firing line, was relieved out of firing line for 2 hours in the afternoon. Shells bursting all around me. Heard news that morn from France that 20,000 prisoners had been taken and 4 miles of country 20 miles wide. Last night there was a lot of bomb throwing here.</p><p>Sept 29<br/>In firing line our troops lost 2 men killed and 2 wounded lst night. Col. Rirey wounded slightly last night also.</p><p>Sept 30<br/>In firing line, another one of our troop killed this morning by 7.5<br/>Ache Baba being terribly bombarded etc. Good news reported from France, Germans in retreat.<br/>Relieved from firing line after 264 hours (11days) When in trenches we are not allowed to loose of boots or even our gear. Awake or rest up (about 50 hours sleep in 11 days and nights, the rest is duty) <strike> relieved</strike> A few hours rest and on duty again, listening in No 8 tunnel, at 11.30PM. Thursday night (Pauls with me,) this is a weird job, under Turkish trenches. Am on duty here until 2.30AM and then sappy from 8Am till 12.30 PM tomorrow. This constituted the spell from the firing line. SM Kells was wounded in left arm on 28th whilst fixing up a sand bag at night in next possy. Recd news from our Asiatic flank that they had the Turks on the run and were making towards Bagdad. Posted letter to Leila yesterday.</p><p>Oct 1st<br/>Taken out of firing line and put on sapping, a most welcome change</p><p>Oct 2nd and 3rd<br/>Sapping 3rd night had a whole night off</p><p>Oct 4th<br/>Was moved over to Gully for a rest which means no firing but many fatigues, all more or less under fire from Turkish gun. I was one of a party chosen to make a 6 ft.mule track out of a 2 foot wide tunnel. After working for about half an hour we were most severely bombarded. The worst we have ever experienced up to date. It was to cover their reinforcements who were going into their trenches. The shrapnel fairly rained on us. They did little damage we only lost 3 men near us. The first 6 shells burst simultaneously. The Turkish troops massed at Lonesome Pine ( about 1 mile to our left) (Holly Spur). We had to be in readiness as we expected something was doing, but nothing has</p>

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