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<p class="page" id="a4810017">[Page 17]</p><p>Oct 27th Our gun boats still bombarding the Narrows. Very cold day. Raining.</p><p>Oct 28th As above</p><p>Oct 29th Milder day. We recd. a very heavy shelling from Turks at "Olive Grove".4-6 shells bursting at a time. I thought my time had come was lying in my dug out but it only got stones and dirt.</p><p>Oct 30 Not feeling too grand. Our part of fighting line being strengthened owing to expected attacks from Turks and Bulgarians. Deepening all trenches against enemies artillery</p><p>Nov 1st Am better. I was nearly hit by 7.5 centimetre shrapnel. Turks have never given position. I find that there are only 2 of us left from original tent of 13</p><p>Nov 2nd Still holding same position. Last night a Turk came into our lines and gave himself up. J Kirkpatrick was found guilty today. Sentence will be shot or not less than 2 years, but an appeal is to be made by Major Westgarth.</p><p>Nov 3 3o'clock Am Listening at end of No 9 tunnels. At 5.45 Pm sent into trenches after 7 days sapping (some men sapping for 4 weeks) Very quiet day. This morning as friend and I went down to the beach for water we were 1 mile from Gaba Tepe a bullet passed between our two heads, and hit a bank a few feet in front of us.</p><p>Nov 4 till 11 Nothing further than narrow escapes. A wounded man was declared dead grave dug and about to be lowered when he <strike>moved an arm</strike> spoke and found to be alive was immediately sent down to hospital ship all I can recall until</p><p>Nov 12th My friend Searle returned from Egypt.</p><p>Nov 15 Cape Halles severely bombarded by our war ships. Trenches taken by French and British. Bad thunder storm at night.</p><p>Nov 17th Relieved from firing line and went into dugouts on side of hill. I was on Ration fatigue (down to beach) at night, caught in heavy gale rain terrible and got drenched. Sea very rough washing up against cliffs we had to dodge waves to get along.</p><p>Nov 19th Fatigues 2o'clockPm went into chathams Post (our lately taken trenches) was bomb throwing, and was complimented on good work. Spent very cold night, nowhere I could get a rest.</p><p>Nov 20 Relieved at 2.30Pm returned to rest camp. On fatigues. Digging fatigues at night (new Divisional quarters)</p>

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