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March 27th
Company drill in the day. & Piquet in the night Kit bags came ashore to-day from the Ionian

March 28th
Church parade in the morning & fatigue rest of day for all who were not on piquet.

March 29th
Fatigue carrying 14 feet pipe lengths to lay on water to the camp for a distance of 1000 yards. In the afternoon carrying timber from our wharf to the engineers for wells etc. in the night we received a night alarm to practice turning out & firing at an imaginary aeroplane which the enemy might send along at any moment. We were issued with ammunition.

March 30th
Day off slept all day in camp

March 31st
Went for a route march to a point on the Island about 5 miles from where our troops generally disembarked. Here we practiced embarking & disembarking in some of the ships boats. In the afternoon we had a spell & went on piquet in the night. We received mail for the first time

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