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to the tune of the different anthems was the best I have seen in my life. The natives in all these places starting at Colombo were all on the go doing their [indecipherable] over the side of the boat but they wanted a lot of cutting down in price before we would bite. After getting coal & water supplies on board at Port Said we proceeded to Alexandria on Thursday 3rd Dec where we arrived on Friday morning 4th Dec at 6 o'clock. While at Port Said we got rid of our German prisoners the Hampshire taking them away I swear they had the time of their lives while aboard with us

Dec 4th
Measles broke out on board & their were about 40 went ashore into quarantine.

Dec 5th
Still anchored just inside the breakwater at Alexandria waiting for the other boats to disembark their troops It is very monotonous on board here we have not been off since leaving Albany which

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